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DirectTV Customer Service Numbers: DirecTV is a familiar name in the USA. Not only in the USA, it is famous in the North America. If you do not know what is DirecTV, then it a direct service provider of satellite channels in the US. Other than the US, DirecTV also operates its services in Latin America and in the Caribbean regions. Because of its services, it has got a very good name for itself in the USA, Latin America and in Caribbean regions. Hence a huge number of households are using this services in those countries. This number will go to new heights in the coming days.

Though this is a Dish Network, it is nothing like any other satellite service providers. Though the way DirecTV operates is pretty much similar as that of any Dish Network, the service is top class. This satellite service provider mainly targets the household customers who use cable television service and other satellite services. A DirecTV user can have different services. If you want pay-per-view you can subscribe that. If you want video on demand events or any other movies, then it is within your hands. With such unique features and services, it has earned huge subscribers.



Find DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number

If there is a problem with DirecTV service, then you have to contact Customer Service. If you have their phone number, then there is no problem. But if you don’t have the number, then this article will help you. A number of people search for the DirecTV customer service phone number, if you are one such person, then check the info below. We have provided all the important information so that you can contact DirecTV customer service to talk to customer service department.

DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number: 800.531.5000

Phone Number To Order DirecTV: 855.838.4388

DirecTV Bill Payment Options: DirecTV has everything very simple. Be it ordering the service or to pay DirecTV Bills. If you want to know how to pay DirecTV Bill, then check below

Postal Mail Address:

AT&T Payment Center
P.O. Box 930170
Dallas, TX 75393-0170

Phone Number: You have to dial the following number to pay your DirecTV bill via phone or to Order DirecTV.


Automated System: Use the below number to pay your bill via an automated system.


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