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MasterCard My Card Benefits Guide: Mastercard Inc. or Mastercard Worldwide is the biggest American multinational financial services corporation. Not only in America, it is also providing its services in the other parts of the world. MasterCard International Global Headquarters is in New York, the USA. Its principal business throughout the world is to process payments. They process payments between the banks of merchants and from the card issuing banks. Or you can say that between the credit unions of the purchasers who are using the “Mastercard” debit and other credit cards who make purchases. With its services, MasterCard is now the biggest financial company in the world.

MasterCard My Card Benefits Guide

Everyone knows what is MasterCard. Everyone uses it, their own or at least they use their friends or relatives Mastercard. Though many of them use it, very fewer people know about the website, My Card Benefits. This website offers benefits such as medical or insurance. Hence, if you want those benefits, all you need to do is to go to the address bar from any Internet browser and search for When you enter the website, you have to follow some steps to get the Following Benefits for MasterCard.

  • Car rental
  • Price protection
  • Baggage protection
  • Lost/Damaged Luggage

Anyone can use My MasterCard’s site with ease. If you ever want to file any kind of claim, then you have to go to this site. Not only claiming, you can also track the progress of your claim. Apart from that, you can view the list of documents that you need for claiming. You can also upload them to this site. It also has the option to check received papers online. You can check FAQ section, to know if you any kind of questions.


How to File a Claim?

Everyone knows how to claim. There is nothing new to explain to File A Claim here. But one thing everyone should keep in mind is that one has to know their 9 digits claim number and also their ZIP code. If you don’t have your 9 digits claim number and your ZIP code, then go to the received documents section. There you will find your 9 digits claim number and your ZIP code.

Mycardbenefits Extended Warranty Perks

  • Know incident details
  • Coverage for various purchases
  • File claims with merchant details
  • Find the warranty information of manufacturer

Dial 1-800-MasterCard for help if you need any kind of help. Apart from dialing, you can also send an email at

How to Contact MasterCard?

Dial the toll-free number – 1-800-627-8372

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